Building high performance, integrated teams

Workshop design and facilitation

Do you ever sit in workshops or meetings and think “this isn’t going well”? Maybe you’re frustrated because most of the talking is being done by the same old people and everyone else just seems there to make up the numbers? Or that the real facts haven’t being established and agreed?


Or perhaps you’re bemused because the conversation keeps jumping around from topic to topic (we call it ‘chasing the ball’) and nothing is dealt with properly?


We have a team of expert, experienced and user-friendly facilitators who can cope with any workshop you want to throw at them. We have designed and facilitated thousands of workshops over an enormous range of topics.


Given our experience we know when and how best to intervene to make sure you get the right outputs. We don’t consider ourselves to be ‘vanilla’ facilitators – we are professional facilitators who make sure you don’t ‘wander’, go down useless rabbit holes and that you get the best out of everyone there.


Of course, it’s best if you can do all this yourself, so we can train your people and also train the trainers. It really does make a difference!


How we can help...

  • Design and facilitation of workshops
    • Problem solving
    • Process mapping, improvement and redesign
    • Lean
    • Collaborative working
    • Team building
    • Team performance reviews
    • Strategy and planning
    • Excellence
    • Transformational leadership
    • Stakeholder management
    • Culture change
    • Accountability reviews
    • Organisational development and design
    • Opportunities and innovations
    • Value engineering
    • Relationship recovery
  • Training for facilitators
    • In house capability for you
    • Train the trainer

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