Building high performance, integrated teams

Successful joint ventures

So, two or more contractors have come together, bid and won the contract; expectations were set early on and the client expects a seamless, integrated and united supplier organisation from Day 1 – the Joint Venture.


However, differing work practices and the  organisational cultures of the respective JV members present huge challenges for effective working. Additionally, the situation is further compounded by  unskilled behaviours which arise when the going gets tough – when under pressure, challenge of when being given feedback.


The JV needs to be ready and effective from Day 1 and working relationships between JV members need to be collaborative, innovative and strong.


High performance, challenging collaborative relationships rarely happen by chance. They need intelligent design and consistently applied and monitored interventions – but ones that are designed to fit the context in which you operate.


We have extensive experience working in these areas to help JVs succeed.


  • How we can help...
  • Developing your collaborative working strategy, framework and delivery model
    • Beyond BS11000/ISO44000
  • Project Culture Turnaround
    • Rebuilding relationships - new ground rules for behaviours and exchanges
  • Collaborative Working and Team Building
    • For top team or wider roll-out
  • 1-1 and team coaching for collaborative excellence
    • In the workplace, situational
    • Developing key skills for collaborative working
  • Mediation
    • Where individuals and teams need support in reaching agreement
  • Assessment Tolls
    • Collaborative culture assessment
    • Relationship assessment


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