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Organisational development

Poor organizational design and structure results in inefficiency and waste which manifests in a host of ways: confusion within roles, a lack of co-ordination among teams, failure to share ideas, and slow decision-making -  to name but a few.


By design we’re talking about the integration of people with core business processes, technology and systems.   A well-designed organization ensures that the form of the organization matches its purpose or strategy, meets the challenges posed by business realities and significantly increases the likelihood that the collective efforts of people will be successful.


Frequently the organisation design aspect of client /supplier and joint ventures is overlooked. This leads to duplication of resources, misalignment – particularly of meeting and reporting cycles - and unclear interfaces. This promotes waste, mistrust, frustration and stymies innovation; ultimately leading to poor performance and damaging credibility and reputation.


Early attention to organisation design at the outset is critical. Furthermore, regular reviews of organisation effectiveness should be undertaken -  especially as the project lifecycle evolves -  to ensure the existing organisation is ‘fit for purpose’.


How we can help...

  • Organisational effectiveness assessment
  • Benefits case creation
  • Proven organisation design methodology application
    • Design principles
    • Operating model
    • High level design
    • Detailed design
  • Change impact assessment, approach and plan
  • Implementation approach and plan


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