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Continuous improvement and excellence

Do you ever feel like you’re in Groundhog Day at work with some of the problems that keep re-surfacing time and again? This is normally because either a sticky-plaster was put over something for the sake of expediency or that the real underlying cause wasn’t known or understood in the first place.


So, you might have ended up implementing techniques and methodologies such as Six Sigma, but sometimes you want something quick and simple. Welcome to our PCS process. Practical solutions can be generated rapidly and, even better, you don’t need expert support – anyone can do it with a modicum of training.


We also have great experience in designing and facilitating a variety of improvement workshops and approaches. These include innovations, value engineering and lean.


Beyond this, maybe you really are committed to being the best, or world class, or market leader, but can’t articulate your programme for getting there or your process. Our Excellence Maturity Matrix approach not only designs your journey to excellence but also gives you the measurement of where you are.


How we can help...

  • Deployment of PCS Process throughout the organisation
    • Everyone can solve problems effectively
  • Excellence Maturity Matrix
    • Designing and measuring the journey to excellence
  • Innovation, Value and Lean Approaches
    • Workshops and/or methodologies for generating continuous or breakthrough improvement
  • Process Mapping, Improvement and Redesign
    • End-to-end value chains, removing unnecessary activities
  • Meetings Improvement
    • Meeting Behaviours and Process redesigned



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