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Collaborative working

Are you in a contract where the relationship has deteriorated or turned sour? Do you want to re-ignite it so that you can get rid of adversarial or win-lose approaches? Fear not! You’re in good company – these things are sucking the life out of projects everywhere to differing degrees.


High performance, challenging collaborative relationships rarely happen by chance. They need intelligent design and consistently applied and monitored interventions – but ones that are designed to fit the context in which you operate.


Perhaps you are seeking certification to a standard or to meet criteria for some other award or assessment. You’ll need to be able to clearly articulate what you do with regard to what you actually do.


We have great experience and success in these areas, and, as with our other services, work hard to make sure that what you get is what you need, which may not be an off-the-shelf solution.


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How we can help...

  • Developing your collaborative working strategy, framework and delivery model
    • Beyond BS11000/ISO44000
  • Project Culture Turnaround
    • Rebuilding relationships – new ground rules for behaviours and exchanges
    • Embedded expert support in teams to coach and facilitate
  • Collaborative Working Team Building
    • For top team or wider roll-out
  • 1-1 and team coaching for collaboration excellence
    • In the workplace, situational
    • Developing key skills for collaborative working
  • Mediation
    • Where individuals and teams need support in reaching agreement
  • Assessment Tools
    • Collaborative culture assessment
    • Relationship assessment


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