Building high performance, integrated teams

Bid support and supplier selection

Clients recognise that for significant contracts where their own team will be interacting with their delivery partners on a daily basis, the pre-contract-award assessment of culture and behaviours is critical.


We agree and assert that the assessment must be:

  • challenging (so we see the likely behaviours when in complex, challenging and changing environments)
  • relevant (simulating a project delivery environment)


It is increasingly common to see a significant proportion of the award marks being allocated to collaborative working capability.


Many contractors are now facing collaborative working questions and challenges as well as behavioural assessment events in the bid process. Many are letting themselves down – and potentially losing the work - especially as a result of poor behaviours when under pressure, challenge or when being given feedback.


We have extensive experience working in these areas to help clients select the right partners and to help contractors to succeed in those assessments.


  • How we can help...
  • Collaboration Questions in ITT
    • To test understanding and use as de-selection
  • Behavioural Observation in Competitive Dialogue
    • Based on a structured framework
    • Output report and score
  • Behavioural Assessment Event (Delivery Team)
    • Based on a structured framework
    • Output report and score
  • Behavioural Interviews
    • Challenging interviews to test response under challenge
  • Bid Team Support
    • Team dynamics and high performance
  • Bid Narrative Support
    • Expert narrative regarding collaborative working
  • Soft Skills Assessment Preparation
    • Workshop and interviews to prepare for client assessment



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